In this free training, you'll discover:
- A step by step guide my clients use to overcome pelvic floor weakness, even if they've already tried kegels and seen other specialists who haven't helped

- The real reason why more traditional pelvic floor exercises (kegels) isn't a solution and what you need to be doing instead

- The common myths around pelvic floor restoration that's preventing you from reclaiming your health, enjoying exercise once again and losing excess weight so you can live your life to the full

- Advanced strategies to help you restore your pelvic floor forever, so you can prevent pelvic floor complications in the future so you can stay fit and vibrant year in, year out!

Gemma is a specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Over the last few years she has helped hundreds of women restore their pelvic floor; allowing them to live an active and energetic life.
Presented by Gemma Richardson
Free Online Masterclass
The 5 steps my clients use to solve their 
pelvic floor weakness and get back to their 
active energetic self
(even if they have tried everything else and nothing has worked)